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A Business Heroine is an entrepreneur who says she will, and does.

She says YES to herself and creates the business she's been dreaming of. One that's infused with her unique flavor of awesome. Where Monday morning is the new Friday night and her passions, purpose, and voice elevate humanity.

And here's how she does it...

She conjures inspired business ideas from the Etheric Realm. She crafts them into strategy and form in the Mental Realm. She casts them into real world existence in the Physical Realm.

It was just an idea, and now it's real. Her business exists because she put it there. Because she said she would.

Lydia Lee
Screw the Cubicle
Melissa Contreras
Artist & Entrepreneur
Erika Watson
L.E.A.P to Rise
"I really admire Anne Perry, the editor in chief of Business Heroine Magazine. She's a big advocate and supporter of women in business to create freedom lifestyles through business."
"Business Heroine is seriously like opening a treasure chest."
"The Business Heroine platform is one of the most generous contributions to women in business I have ever encountered. Anne Perry, I love your heart and mission. To all rising together… and being loved seen and heard."
Anne Perry
CEO & Founder
Business Heroine

Anne Perry spent her early adult years burdened by debt and suffocating in jobs that drained the life out of her. Carving her own path to the abundant (and fun!) business of her dreams, Anne vowed to leave a trail for others like her. She created Business Heroine as a platform to support women who, despite obstacles, decide to break free of the mold and create life according to their own design.

She identified the Business Manifestation Formula by dissecting her own journey, witnessing her clients’ breakthroughs, and by listening closely to those who have generated extraordinary levels of success and service.

Whether or not they were aware of it - and without exception - they were utilizing the principles of the Business Manifestation Formula. Your turn!
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